Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to navigate your way around the platform. Get your questions answered.


Why should I use is used mostly by musicians, music fans and stakeholders in the music industry who want to share music with their fans, discover new music and discover, collaborate and book new music talent for events. 


Do you pay royalties?

No, we do not pay royalties. Music is uploaded voluntarily by musicians. Musicians do this to gain new fans, build a fan base and get insights on the demographics that consume their music and their location (Countries and Cities).  


How much music can I upload?

You can upload as much music as you like there are no limits to the amount of music you can upload.


How long will my music be kept before being deleted?

We review music uploads every 6 months. If there has been no movement in your music in that period we may send your music to our archives. It will be retained in the archives for the next 6 months and deleted after.


How do I register an account?

To register an account go to and fill in your details. A new account will be created for you. Your account details will also be emailed to you with instructions on what to do next.


Why can I download music on

To download music, you simply click on the download button. A list of songs will be displayed for your to download. Click on the cloud icon in the download column to start downloading. Your download will begin.

For step by step instructions on how to download the music click here


How do I upload music on

To upload your music, you must have signed in/logged in. After you have signed in, go to your profile by clicking the profile link. Under 'Upload Music' click on the microphone if you want to upload a song or click on the zipped folder to upload a zip folder/file. The zip file is reserved for those who want to upload albums as opposed to individual files.

For step by step instructions on how to upload music click here


How to delete a song?

You have to be logged on to be able to delete a song. To delete a song, simply click on the recycle bin along side the song you want to delete and the song will be deleted.  For a step by step instruction click here


How do I unsubscribe from the frequent emails?

You may unsubscribe to our mailing list by clicking unsubscribe on the email.


How do I subscribe to your mailing list?

We have a mailing list of new music that we send out weekly containing music. When you register as a fan you will receive new music emails weekly. 


What does the rating on my profile mean?

The rating indicates your level on It is based on the number of unique downloads that you get from your fans. There are four levels, beginner - anybody with less than 1000 unique downloads, silver - unique downloads over a 1000 and less than 10 000, gold - anybody with 10 000 unique downloads and to 99 999 attains a gold status and premium - anybody with over 100 000 unique downloads.


What does the % completeness on my profile indicate? 

The % completeness in your profile indicates how complete your profile is. The profile % has 3 colours, red - which indicates that your profile requires some work and might be found by people searching for your profile on and the internet. The amber colour indicates that your profile is likely to be found on but still requires some work. A green colour indicates that your profile is  of high quality, and has the necessary items that will be make it easily searchable on the internet and on


What do Top 5 entries represent?

The top 5 entries represent the number of times your songs have been on the top 5 entries.


How do I share my public profile?

To share your profile link, go to your profile and click on the "Share Page" link.


How do I share my music?

After you have uploaded your music, you can share the download link with your fans on various platforms, namely, Facebook, Whatsapp, Email and Twitter or simply copy the link and share on your favourite platform. For step by step instruction, follow this link.


How does the booking functionality work?

Share your public profile. It has a "Book Me" button which your fans can use. When they click on that booking fee they will be guided on how to perform a booking. Please note, should you choose to use our booking functionality. Your booking will be confirmed only after payment has been received by us.  You will only receive your booking fee minus 5% after you have performed. This is done to protect you and the entity booking your services.


How do I edit my booking fee?

To edit your booking fee, click on the edit booking fee link in your profile. You may also click here to follow the link.  


Why is my booking fee less 10%?

The 10% is used to pay for the administrative cost of securing and managing your booking.