Start earning credits

Use your credits to propel your career to mainstream


Earn with every use of the platform and convert the credits to music videos, publishing and distribution

We have just rolled-out a credit system for the members of the platform.  

Members will start earning credits for the use of the platform. You can earn credits for the following:

a) Completing your personal information

b) For every download of your music

c) Uploading new music

d) Checking your profile regularly

e) Reading articles

f) Regular profile visits

g) When you get your bookings with this platform

h) Completing the song name for each song that you have uploaded

i) When you have provided your booking fee

j) When you create and list your events on this platform

What can I do with these credits?

You can exchange your credits for publishing, distribution, mixing and mastering your songs and creating music videos.

Why do I have to earn credits when I do the above

Doing the above indicates to us that you are serious about your music career. That you are interested in becoming a mainstream musician.

When can I start earning credits?

You can start earning credits immediately after you register.

What should I do when I want to publish, distribute, shoot a music video for my songs and I do not have enough credits?

You can buy credits on the platform. You just need to simply click on any of the items you want to activate for your songs e.g., publish music. Click on the buy credits button in the view-cart page, enter the number of credits you want to buy and proceed with payment.

What if I do not have a credit card to pay online?

You can pay using EFT or any of the options available to you. The bank account details, and your reference will be displayed after clicking the checkout button.

How long does it take before I can see my song(s) on digital stores after I have made payment?

The process normally takes two weeks.

How do I know that my song is being streamed and making money?

We will send you emails every quarter containing your number of streams and revenue due to you. This is when we also receive it from the digital stores.