This is how you create an ISRC code in South Africa

A step by step guide on how to create an ISRC code


An easy step by step guide on how to create an ISRC code in South Africa

This is a step by step guide on how to create an ISRC code in South Africa. The ISRC code is a unique identifier of a song just like your identification document. An ISRC code is used by various media outlets and digital platforms to allocate and attribute the necessary payments to a song.

Visit the RISA registration page

Go to Click on the Register button as indicated on the above. Skip this step if you have already registered.

Go to:

Registration Form

The above will form will appear. Complete the registration form as indicated above. You need to provide your user email address, first name, surname, mobile number and ID number. The ID number is not compulsory, however I suggest you insert it. After you have inserted the registration information, click on the Register button. Skip this step if you have already registered.

Go to:


An email will be sent to you containing the username and password. Reset the password and login using the username and password that you have already provided. 

Home Page

After you have logged in, the following page will appear on your screen. Click on the ISRC Codes option on the left as highlighted above.

Register new artist

Before you create an ISRC code, you have to register yourself or the artist you are creating ISRC codes for by clicking on the "Register new artist" button as highlighted above. 

Register new artist continued...

The form above will appear as soon as you finish clicking the "Register new artist" button. Provide the artist information as required on the form above. 

Register new Track

After you finish registering a new artist, click on the "ISRC codes" link on the left, the user will appear on a table as indicated above.  Click on "Register New Track" to register and create an ISRC code for that song.


The above form will appear. complete all the information required, you will also be required to upload the audio/video file you are creating an ISRC code for. When you are done, click on save. Your ISRC code will be created.

Getting to the ISRC code

When you are done registering new track and have clicked on save. To obtain your ISRC code, click on "View Artist Details".

View ISRC Code

After clicking on view artist details the screen above will appear. You will see your ISRC code displayed on the table as indicated above in the "ISRC Code" column.